What Were You Designed To Do?

Learn how to write the story of your life in dialogue with your creator. Watch the Lord transform your worst moments into spiritual breakthrough. Get equipped for intimacy with your designer. Because there’s nothing more satisfying to your soul than being delighted with his delight in you.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to perfect the art of worship. We equip you to connect with God's thoughts, beat temptation, track your dialogue with Him and get free from hypocrisy. We start at the foundation, so even if you've never prayed before, you'll be able to jump on in.

our teaching team

Joe Tucker

Woodworker and Evangelist

A big-picture thinker who understands leadership dynamics well.  Joe catches significant issues that slip by most religious leaders without notice. His fresh, humble perspective is the genius behind the Sophiculture movement.

“Joe is very professional, yet friendly. He explains everything clearly.”                        -Marcia


Sara Ruth Tucker

Homeschool Teacher

The detail-oriented writer (and Joe’s wife) who packs all of the goodness of his insights into words. Her lessons and visuals simplify complex issues into step-by-step strategies. Her courses are vital for anyone aspiring to impact our culture.

“Sara really helped me learn 1 Corinthians 13. Her teaching is really creative.”               -Anna


What Students Say:

"Just want to thank you for the truth and His Word you have shared. I remembered what God did in the last couple months as I was reviewing some of the lessons this evening.  He brought me from a servant mentality to a bridal mentality and I began to understand and experience his love for me.  I had lost my way in my relationship with my Father through so many lies.  As I have prioritized my time with God and listening to His voice, God has kept me and helped me to love Him so that I can be a light in my home."
Former Student
"Often, I can’t even see what the issue really is, but God always sees it. And then he’ll give me his word, he’ll give me revelation, he’ll give me a word for the person. He’ll map it all out and I get to write it down there. And that quickness is one of the things that I love about that worksheet. It immediately brings me to my focus on my dialogue with Jesus."
-Carole Ann
Prayer Partner & Student

Focus on the Practical

We know that ministry can be hectic, so all of our courses are self-paced with an add-on for group coaching. We also realize that the only way that you can truly understand a subject is by practicing it in real life. That is why our courses are full of hours of exercises, questions and challenges.

Group Discussion Format

In addition to our online classroom, we also offer the option to take part in our Facebook group discussions. These provide you with an organized place to get feedback on how you’re applying the course principles to your daily life.

How to enroll (read this first):

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And there's more...

Once or twice a year, we offer paid group coaching for this free course. The coaching covers all 30 lessons in 10 weeks of videochats, email reminders and accountability. 

Consider subscribing to our newsletter to be alerted by email of our next coaching launch. While you wait, you’ll gain access to all of our free downloads at The Sophiculture Library and be notified when new freebies become available. (Get the details in the “Group Coaching Add-On” section of the course.)

We use the techniques that we teach.

Join our academy and get started building the ministry that God has designed for you. We make sure that every class is easily understood, and that students have access to the tools that they will need for today’s groundbreaking ministry opportunities.

Your Questions Welcomed

Contact your teacher any time you have a question. Or, discuss your brainstorms with others on our designated social media threads.


All of our courses are built on the Teachable platform so that you don't have to worry about technological glitches. Downloadable PDF packets are included in every course.

Our Core Values

Dropdown Menu:

We can approach our disagreements knowing that we each have a relatively shallow understanding of the theological realities in which we operate. Let’s agree that as the blood flows from Jesus, our head, through each of us, we can all make valuable contributions to his body (regardless of denominational preference).

It’s fun to get to know people who are different from us. We can honor these differences instead of using them as reasons to look down on others. We don’t need to have God figured out in order to enjoy him with those around us.

Love is greatest. This principle must be coupled with the sole authority of scripture. Together, they are the train tracks that carry us to our desired destination.

God values relationship over behavior, for relationship determines behavior. Knowing our Father intimately gives us confidence to run to him for the strength to obey when we’re weak, and not to run away from him. With this in mind, we make relationship-building with our students a priority in our discussions at “The Sophiculture Circle” Facebook Group.

Intimacy with the Godhead is learned, like anything else, through trial and error. We try out different perspectives until our thoughts fit together with the Holy Spirit’s voice inside of us. Experimentation must be acknowledged as the starting point for each of the scriptural frameworks that God gives to us as individuals. We teach our students to notice their mental experimentation and discuss it openly, without pressure or judgment.

Principles are like circuits that our minds create for our thoughts to run through. Biblical contexts are like codes that tell us where each principle fits into God’s mind. If we ask him, he will show us how his thoughts fit together so that our thoughts will reflect his truth. This is the primary goal of Sophiculture Academy.

Bouncing our thoughts off of our friends can help to show us where our principles are are weak and where they are strong. Setting a regular time to talk and pray together boosts our growth and increases our cultural impact. Our academy will help you, when you are ready, to create your own prayer partnership and mastermind group.


Come on over to our Facebook Group, The Sophiculture Circle, to chat with us!

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