Ready to make your binders?

Now that you’ve discovered our worship strategies, let’s print them out! You’ll need our free library password and 2 binders labeled “GRACE” and “PRISM.”

Got the password? Enter it at

Then come back here and continue…

G.R.A.C.E. Action Strategies

What to do when you’re tempted, overwhelmed, confused, exhausted or weak? Learn scriptural strategies to overcome the enemy’s attack. 

P.R.I.S.M. Prayer Strategies

Use this workbook daily to document the voice of God to you, personally. Watch his desires become a complete battle plan for everyday victory.

The Worship Handbook

Learn G.R.A.C.E.

Want our hallmark online course to go? Print The Worship Course to put in a binder! The Handbook.                          (77 pages)

Learn P.R.I.S.M.

Gear up for battle every morning with all of our PRISM worksheets, instructions and sample pages.                        (35 pages)

Use G.R.A.C.E.

Get only the strategies from The Worship Handbook so that you can flip to just the right tab.                      (48 pages)

Use P.R.I.S.M.

Ready to write? Print only the worksheets themselves without any instructions or examples.                           (19 pages)

IF COST IS A FACTOR, print The Worship Strategy Book in black and white, then replace the diagram pages with color copies (pages 5, 12, 15, 22, 28, 34 and 1).        The diagram pages iThe Worship Handbook are pages 10, 18, 31, 38, 46, 57 & 1.   In The Worship Notebook, the only color page is page 4 of the printables.

PLEASE NOTE: The last file, The Worship Notebook Printables, has printing instructions inside. Please read the document before printing!

Here's what to name your tabs:

(If your PRISM tabs are small, just use the letters “P,” “R,” “I,” “S,” and “M.”)

Bonus: Create a Prayer Partnership

To get our step-by-step guide to finding a prayer partner, sign up for The Worship Course here (it’s free). Then, scroll down to the bonus section at the bottom. Click “Prayer & Accountability Partnerships.” Click the link “Prayer Partnerships.PDF” under the preview box. (10 pages)

How to Use These Free Tools


Start by taking The Worship Course. (It’s free. If you’d rather do it offline, download The Worship Handbook.) Follow the directions in The Worship Strategy Book to take GRACE action. Then, use The Worship Notebook Instructions to get into the PRISM Routine with the Printables each morning when you wake up!


The Worship Course is perfect for new believers and people who are almost ready to get saved. It walks them through each of the 5 GRACE discipleship strategies, beginning with receiving assurance of salvation. The course (and Handbook) end with the delightful PRISM strategy for spiritual disciplines.


Maybe you have someone in your church or family who needs guidance. You see a bright future for them if they will take their growth seriously. Go through The Worship Handbook (or Course) with them, and they’ll be off and running! Follow up weekly to talk about how they’re growing & connecting with God in PRISM.

“Before I used The Worship Notebook, much of the feelings that would come up when I would think of a certain person were lies, and it was like I hadn’t even unpacked it yet… but the truth always dispels the lie. Now I can focus on his Word and keep the momentum, just keep moving forward mightily and powerfully. It’s a wonderful place to not only write down his word to me, but if he gives me a revelation, if he gives me a word for her, it can all go down in that notebook.”


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