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"It’s educating us to always come back to the Father and have that relationship with him, instead of going out into the wilderness for two or three years and then being pulled back when you finally realize what’s going on. This keeps us in the closest relationship with Him that we can possibly be."

– Carol Gamble, Member of Illumination

does this sound like you?

You want to have a close relationship with God, but you don't feel His love.

Let’s face it– there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to love God with all your heart, only to realize that you can’t hear or feel Him, and you don’t really know what to say to Him. And there’s nothing more disheartening than wanting to read your Bible and connect with Him– but not knowing where to start.

You wonder whether it might help to take more notes when you listen to teaching. Maybe you’ve even tried journaling your prayers, or writing your favorite scriptures.

And yet, it’s not quite working.

It seems like you’re constantly under spiritual attack. The pressures of life make it hard to notice God’s plan through the busyness. You wish he were guiding your footsteps, but you can’t tell exactly whose voice is leading when you pray. Is it yourself, hoping that God is talking to you? Could the devil be misleading you?

More often than you’d like to admit, there’s no clear answer when you pray. Sometimes you wonder if depression might be making you feel hopeless and helpless, while God is waiting for you to take action.

Yet, you’re not sure which actions to take. 

Do you need deliverance from fear or rejection? Do you need to remind yourself of your identity in Christ? Do you need to read more scriptures about being secure in His love? Is there a way to break through your blockages, and if so, how would you do that?

Other people make it sound easy. But for you, it’s been anything but. You thought the main thing was remembering to cry out to God instead of relying on your own strength. But, as it turns out, that was only the beginning. And now, you feel like you must be missing something.

If you’ve read this far, you probably realize that you’re not alone. Many Christians who are wholehearted struggle with these exact issues.

The truth is that being coached in your relationship with Jesus is a game changer– one that will carry you through these obstacles and lead you down a satisfying path, where you can then lead others.

The problem? Insecurity, disconnect and spiritual attack can make a close friendship with Jesus seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes, getting guidance from other Christians just adds to the confusion.

But, what if there were a way to be sure that you could have this close friendship that you were created for?

Hi there, I'm Sara!

...and I really want to help you break through religious confusion into a delightful relationship with Jesus.

For years, I struggled to break free from the burden of religious hypocrisy. I grew up in a church that collected its members’ paychecks and gave each family a set allowance. I thought that this was the most Biblical lifestyle. Once I finally got out of that crippling self-righteousness, I couldn’t believe the joy that flooded into my relationship with Jesus. 

Because of that, I’ve spent the last two decades studying prayer from every angle. The PRISM Prayer Method is the tool that God and I have developed, to keep me focused on what He’s doing in my life. I still face intense spiritual warfare, but now God actually makes it enjoyable for me! I’d love to share this method with you, too. You’re invited to come join us in Illumination.

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consider what's possible...

Imagine that your prayer life draws you into God's love each morning, and then puts this love into action throughout your day.

Here's what it would look like:

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. This is how basic, Biblical Christianity looks in the lives of many women.

"He's the vine and we're his branches. As a branch, your purpose is to naturally bear the fruit of love, joy and peace to those around you. Think of our community and courses as a trellis, supporting you so that you can reach out to Jesus. If you don't reach out, you'll never get the benefits. But when you do the exercises and ask the questions, God won't be silent."

– Sara Ruth Tucker, Founder of Illumination

what sets Illumination Apart?

Six proven phases that transform a dull prayer life into confident partnership with the Holy Spirit.

If you’re like us, there’s nothing more important to you than God. In Illumination, you’ll have friends who have been where you’re at, who do what you like to do. Although we all have differences, we won’t argue over issues like end-times events or the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Your experience with the Holy Spirit is totally personal to you.

What we will do is help you overcome sin and pride, one battlefield at a time. Because that’s what God likes to do with us, and it’s wonderful. We’ll pray with you when you’re struggling and celebrate when you master each new territory. 

Battles are fought in 7-week challenges, which you can start whenever you’re ready. Plan for your first challenge to take about 2 months. After the first month, you’ll be on track for your first victory. Here’s a look at how our Illumination Prayer Coaching program is structured with the PRISM Method:

1. P: Pause

Step one is to know God's mindset. Without this, prayer is self-centered. We train you to ask for (and receive) His perspective. It's such a beautiful thing to notice when you're not in gear with God's mind, and then make the shift into worship mode.

2. R: Request

Once we know what God thinks, we understand His desires and plans. This motivates us to seek His specific, relevant direction. By using the scriptural principles that He's already highlighting in our lives, we know that we're asking according to His will.

3. I: Invest

We don't stop at asking. Treasure in heaven takes investment. Each 7-week building plan has one focus, a specific transformation and a scriptural battle plan. Each week, we evaluate the plan with God to see what's not working and improve our results.

4. S: Strategy

When we know what's not working, it's time to develop a strategy. Spiritual warfare means breaking through the craziness with smart tactics for facing our pain. God doesn't let us hide behind hypocrisy, so we love one another by calling it out.

5. M: Mastery

After 7 weeks of refining, the gold has finally risen to the surface. The victory is sweet. No one operates in the mindset that God alone has done it all. We've reached out to enter and abide in His rest, and the barren battleground is now starting to blossom.

6. Community

From start to finish, we're there for each other. Weekly small group prayer videochats, live Q&A with group coaching, workshops, daily prayer partnerships, and instructor access ensure that you'll get what God's got for you when you seek it wholeheartedly.

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Get all the tools you need to build a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ:

When you purchase an Illumination Prayer Coaching Membership, you’ll have instant access to everything you need in order to reach out to God when you want Him. Our courses provide a step-by-step plan that shows you how to turn to Him for love, joy and peace when things get hard throughout the day, so you’ll never be left wondering what to do.

Here's what the monthly membership fee includes:

But that’s not all! When you enroll today, you’ll also get access to these special bonuses:

Please note- The theology that we teach is basic evangelical Christianity: God the Trinity. We make every effort to avoid denominational discrepancies in our community, while explaining the gospel as clearly as possible. For more info on what we believe, see the Q&A section below.


Bonus #1: 14-Day GRACE Challenge (valued at $10)

What could be more important than a solid relationship with God? A 2-week prayer challenge.

Bonus #2: TPM Training Linksheet (valued at $15)

All the links you need to be fully equipped for exposing enemy lies in the human soul. 8-week training.

Bonus #3: Mentorship Training Program (valued at $35)

Know how to help others experience a consistent, delightful prayer life. 8-week training.

"Often, I can’t even see what the issue really is, but God always sees it. And then he’ll give me his Word, he’ll give me revelation, he’ll give me a word for the person. He’ll map it all out and I get to write it down there. And that quickness is one of the things that I love about that worksheet. It immediately brings me to my focus on my dialogue with Jesus."

– Carole Ann Spicer, Member of Illumination

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Is The Illumination Prayer Coaching Community going to be right for me ?

Everything included is delivered DIGITALLY (not physically) and accessible online, so you won’t receive anything in the mail. You’ll receive an email with further instructions within 5 to 10 minutes of your purchase. You’ll have instant access to our online PRISM Course, our Illumination Coaching Community and our bonuses. You’ll also receive an email each week with login instructions for our Zoom meetings (small group every week and group coaching every two weeks). Please save your community login info so that you can access all of your membership benefits in case an email gets lost.

The Illumination Prayer Coaching Community is ideal for women who long to be supported in their relationship with Jesus Christ. If you like being challenged to grow a deeper affection for God, you’ll love our community. Our courses and bonuses give us all a common pathway so that we can interact around the beautiful things that God has to show us. If you’re not used to posting on social media, videochatting or reading online materials, this membership may not be for you. On a different note, please let us know if you think you may have unusual challenges in your prayer life, so that we can tell you if our program covers these specific roadblocks.

The cost of the downloadable PRISM Prayer Notebook with online video training, live community support, and a growing library of workshops is about the same price as ordering a pizza once a month. You can choose to have your card charged monthly or yearly, which will last until you log into your account and cancel. If you purchase the monthly plan before the timer runs out today, your card will be charged $12 today and then again 30 days from today, etc. If you choose the yearly plan, your card will be charged $120 today and then $120 one year from today, etc. The price on the orange button when you order will be what is charged to your card today.

Within 5-10 minutes of your purchase, you’ll receive an email with instructions for accessing your materials. First, you’ll create a login at our website, where you’ll see our community and courses. You’ll see welcome messages to guide you through your next steps to a delightful prayer life. You’ll choose whether to print your prayer notebook or access it on-screen. You’ll then choose your learning schedule and create your profile, so that you can talk with other members about how it’s going. If you have any trouble, just email your instructor directly and she will respond within one business day.

The Illumination membership itself doesn’t use a Facebook group. Our membership community is similar to a Facebook group, but it’s on a separate platform. This is where you’ll be messaging people and accessing your course materials. Our wider circle also uses a Facebook group, but that’s not required.

Our community and courses are accessible in any Internet browser via our website. In order to get into our group videochats, you’ll need to be able to use Zoom. You can do that from a computer browser if you can’t get the free Zoom app. You aren’t required to join our videochats in order to be a member. You’ll still be able to interact and take our courses without Zoom.

Just being able to have Zoom meetings, to learn with others who are wholehearted for God, is worth the price of the membership. As you get to know the others in your small group, they can help to direct you to the exercises that you need, and explain the order in which to do them. You’ll have a syllabus guiding you through the order of your assignments. You’ll be able to go at your own pace.

There are some exercises that will be easy for you, and others that will stretch you. Here are the basic skills that you will need in order to get the full benefit from our community: (1) Know how to create an account and log in, just like you would do when you use Facebook or Instagram. (2) Read a worksheet on your screen and write the answers in your notebook. (3) If you get lost, you can send us a private message asking what to do next. If you can do these things, this will work for you.

Yes. Click HERE to read our faith statement at the top of the article, “Beliefs and Core Values.” This membership is run by Sophiculture Ministries.

We moderate our community to ensure that members abide by our guidelines and show respect for everyone. If you have a few beliefs that are not mainstream Christianity, that’s okay. Most of us do. That said, you may want to read over our faith statement so that you know how we think. Click HERE to read our faith statement, then contact us if you have questions at 

To be clear, this community is for people who are Christians or want to be Christians. Our lessons will help you understand what it takes to become a Christian. We can help you to know for sure that you will go to heaven when you die. Doubts about these things are normal. Before you join, please be sure that you’re willing to surrender the control of your entire life to your Creator, because life is meaningless without Him. If you’ve lost trust in Christians and church, you can heal while developing an authentic, trust-based, delightful relationship with God. That’s why we’re here. If you’re willing to face the darkness of past experiences and embrace the light of God’s truth, then you’re ready to join this community.

Due to the digital nature of this product, and its low price point, all sales are final. If you believe your card has been charged in error, please feel free to email us with all the details at and we will do our best to resolve the issue within one business day. We’re here to serve you.

We feel it’s important to be able to share our hearts openly with each other, and to support one another through life’s challenges. In the future, we hope to have men trained to lead small groups, at which time we plan to open our community to men as well.

Illumination costs a fraction of what you’d pay for private counseling. If you could invest money into becoming a more loving and joyful person over the next month or two, would it be worth it? We know it’s a tough time right now for many people. If you’re low on income, see if you can find a loved one who would give you the gift of a year’s subscription (contact us at to make arrangements). There may be someone in your church who would love this opportunity to support your walk with God.

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