Need to know how to stoke someone's fire for God? Here's a gift for you to share.

Take some time to nourish your prayer life. Let this 9-page guide sharpen your connection with God. Then, make an impact. Light someone’s fire by showing them how to hear God’s voice.


Do you have a son or daughter who’s struggling with their faith and feeling distant from God? Perhaps they try to pray, but can’t feel God’s presence. Don’t let them struggle alone. This essential guide can lift them out of their pit and reconnect them with the Father.


Do you have a friend who’s carrying a heavy burden of hurt and sadness? Maybe they’re having a rough year. They might be trying their best to keep up with going to church and reading the Bible. Still, God seems distant. Here’s how to restore that connection.


Do you have clients going through wilderness periods? Are they in that desolate place mentioned over and over in the Bible? Maybe they’ve gone months without feeling anything from God. They feel like their prayers are falling on deaf ears. You know that God’s ready to talk to them. Help them know it, too. 


Does it ever feel like the people at church aren’t focused on feeding their relationships with God? Are they missing opportunities to get grounded in his love and receive his blessings? Maybe you want to help them to have a rich connection with God, but you lack the right tool. Help them to discover God’s voice with this simple guide.

Share the guide

Test it out first. Then, let someone know what you loved about it. Offer to share it with them and walk them through it. You can send the PDF to them by email. Or, you can share the download link in a text message. (Find this link on the last page of the guide.)

help people grow

This guide will take them through the process of removing blockages in their prayer life. It will show them exactly how to open the Bible and hear God speak. The last page offers them a special, free discipleship course. You can offer to do this course with them.

watch it multiply

If you start meeting with your friend weekly to mentor them in discipleship, they'll get to the point where they're bearing fruit. That's when it's time to think about who they could mentor on a weekly basis. As you help them mentor, the harvest will reproduce!


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