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Ready to get clear about what God's trying to tell you?

With Confusion to Clarity, there’s no need to feel confused about what you’re hearing from God. In one evening, discover what he wants you to know.

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Know what it's like to feel your mind aligning with God's thoughts.

  • Stop your mind from wandering during prayer
  • Notice what’s getting in the way of your understanding God
  • See how the devil’s lies are leading you around in circles
  • Know where you’re getting stuck in the process of listening
  • Watch the Bible become illuminated right in front of you
  • And, sense God confirming his message to you

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Please note- Our theology is basic, evangelical Christianity: God the Trinity. We try to avoid arguing about denominational discrepancies in our community, while we focus on presenting the clear gospel. For more details on what we believe, see the Q&A section below.

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Hi, I'm Sara!

...and I really want to help you experience God's touch at the moment when you're most thirsty for him.

For years, I struggled to break free from the burden of religious bondage. I grew up in a church that collected its members’ paychecks and gave each family a set allowance. I thought that this was God’s way of life for me. Once I finally got out of that crippling self-righteousness, I couldn’t believe the joy that flooded into my relationship with Jesus. 

Because of that, I’ve spent the last two decades studying prayer from every angle. What I’ve discovered is that God speaks to all of us, and with the right encouragement, anyone can recognize what he’s saying. Frustrated women break through into intimacy with God using the courses and strategies that I’ve written.

“I believed God did not love me, had even left me. I heard all around me just what the enemy wanted me to know so I could stay depressed. I was a hot mess when I first found this group. The things that Sara has shown me and taught me, to believe in the love of God and totally be dependent on Him. This is beautiful!”
                                             –Theresa Crawford, student and member of The Sophiculture Circle

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Is "Confusion to Clarity" going to be right for me ?

Everything included is delivered DIGITALLY (not physically) and accessible online, so you won’t receive anything in the mail. You’ll receive an email with further instructions within 5 to 10 minutes of your purchase. You’ll have instant access to the PDF guide, video lessons and the bonuses. Please save your course login info so that you can have access in case an email gets lost.

You get lifetime access to all the workbooks and videos. The email bonus is good for one week from whatever date that you send in your first email. 

The “Confusion to Clarity” mini-course is ideal for women who long to get clear about what God is trying to tell them. If you like being challenged to go to the next level in your prayer life, this is for you. 

That said, this course requires basic study skills. If you’re not used to following detailed instructions in a video, or finding verses in the Bible, this membership may not be for you. You will be using deep thinking skills to understand written materials.

This course is for two kinds of people: people who pray, expecting that God is everything the Bible says he is, OR

Earnest seekers, open to the possibility that God knows who they are and what they need.

Please do not purchase this mini-course if you want a quick, fortune-telling type of experience with God. If you don’t truly care about who he is and how he thinks, you won’t hear what he wants. This course is for people who are serious about having a long-term relationship with the one who created them.

Please do not purchase this mini-course if you believe the Bible is full of errors. In order to deeply hear God, you have to trust the Bible enough to apply its principles to your life and wait for the results.

To be clear, this mini-course is for people who are Christians or want to be Christians. Our lessons will help you understand what it takes to become a Christian. Before you join, please be sure that you’re willing to surrender the control of your entire life to your Creator, because life is meaningless without Him. If you’ve lost trust in Christians and church, you can heal while developing an authentic, trust-based, delightful relationship with God. That’s why this course helps you to connect with him directly.

There are some exercises that will be easy for you, and others that will stretch you. Here are the basic skills that you will need: (1) Know how to create an account and log in. (2) Watch a video on your screen and write the answers to the questions in your notebook. (3) Follow a chart and use the Table of Contents in a Bible (hardcopy or online). If you get lost, you can send us an email asking what to do next. If you can do these things, this will work for you.

Yes. Click HERE to read our faith statement at the top of the article, “Beliefs and Core Values.” This membership is run by Sophiculture Ministries.

Due to the digital nature of this product, and its low price point, all sales are final. We’re sure you’ll love this mini-course!

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