The Culture-Building
Support Circle

As you ponder how to build your ministry, our private support group brings you God’s perspective when you most need it. This group is designed to nurture your incubating thoughts and ideas so that you can share them without feeling judged. That’s why we moderate this group ourselves. Come on in and take a look around!

Start the dialogue about your own personal transformation.

Make unique contributions in other conversations.

Get deeper perspectives and quicker results than with email.

Use these insights to make your ministry more effective.

Digital Dialogues
to Boost your Success

At The Sophiculture Circle, you’ve got our support. Here, you can explore the ideas that explode as you read our articles and take our courses. It’s time to unwrap the potential of our Christian culture. This is where we start the ripples that will impact generations to come.

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Moderated Discussion

Group rules are enforced as our course instructors moderate threads and give input. Try it out with our FREE Worship Course.

Organized Threads

Each blog category or course name opens up a discussion unit. Post names, lesson titles and tags organize our threads.

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By supporting you in your spiritual battles and equipping you to support others, we want to help you overcome anything that hinders your ministry.

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