What if Western Christianity wasn't structured around our churches?

What if it was structured around our personal relationships with God?

What if we could start replacing all of our hypocritical patterns with a healthy ones?

What would this change?

What We’re About


“Sophiculture” (meaning “culture built on wisdom”) is the redesign of Christianity for the digital age. As you read this blog, you’ll discover why the Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to the body of Christ.

Have you ever noticed the citywide church structure of the New Testament? We dream of creating metro-area mission bases to build a culture of revival. 

Believers living on-base will target specific neighborhoods with focused prayer for revival. Teams of missionaries will be sent into these regions with detailed plans for self-replicating discipleship. Local churches will work together to find the most scripturally precise ways to nurture these new disciples to maturity.

This blog explores God’s strategy for inter-denominational reconciliation. We long to help him re-attach his fragmented body to the mind of Christ. Inventing online tools for cross-denominational, Biblical doctrine is what we’re all about. God has the right to an integrated reputation of absolute truth in the Western culture.

We’re taking evangelical Christianity to the feet of Jesus. We’re after his blueprint for cultural transformation (revival). Will you join us?

quad-level operation

Never before has a generation of Christians been able to work together to tailor the gospel message to each culture of the world. The Internet now gives us the opportunity to restructure the Christianity that we are handing to our children. Through unlimited information at the touch of a screen, we now engineer a default Biblical worldview. Just as the printing press released the Bible from the clutches of the elite into the fingertips of the common man, so the Internet moves worldview management from denomination to individual. Our blog tracks this transformation on each of the four levels of culture: personal relationship with God, local church, regional revival and global missions.

prayer Warfare

Cultural transformation happens as our brains reflect God's thoughts. Feeling his desires thrills his people for his higher-level solutions.

Church restructuring

Christianity is no longer about what makes churches thrive. Church experience will be reorganized to best nurture our personal relationships with the Trinity.

Regional revival

Cultural engineering means that we're constantly experimenting to create a plan for self-replicating discipleship that's tailored to each local subculture.

missions communities

Teams of native missionaries will move into worship-centered communities to be immersed and trained in revival, then sent into their own subculture as a team.


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group coaching

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Hey there,
We're Joe & Sara

This blog was built from our experiments with creating a Biblical, revival culture. Just like you, we’ve had our share of wandering in the wilderness and facing cultural giants. We’ve given everything so that our next generation will see a river of lost people become found in the bride. (Come read Sara’s story in three parts starting here.)

So… what do we believe?

We hold to the standard Christian teaching that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit: three co-equal and co-eternal persons in one God. We believe that this doctrine of the Trinity delineates between authentic Christianity and the cults (such as Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses). We believe that those who choose Jesus Christ’s life and death as eternal payment for their sins receive the power of his bodily resurrection for spiritual victory over sin and death. 

As an organization, we are more interested in discovering what Jesus believes than in which denomination is right. Because our purpose is to open structured dialogue between Christians, we keep our doctrinal statement simple. This website explains the rest of our beliefs. Please enjoy reading, and get in touch with us any time at hello@sophiculture.com.


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