Break free from religious obligation into a delightful friendship with Jesus.

Craving a closer relationship with God?

We can help with that. Here's what to do next:

#1. Use our free “Guide to Hearing God’s Voice” to break through the confusion about what God is saying to you. He wants to stay connected with you, no matter what stage of spiritual maturity you’re experiencing.

#2. Need help right now? Use The Worship Wheel to bring your greatest need to God for His guidance. Whether you want more intimacy with Him, strength to beat temptation or a plan for moving forward, our wheel can help.

#3. Join Illumination for ongoing support through weekly prayer, courses and group coaching. We open up to new members on a regular basis, so be sure to get on our waiting list today!

Hi there, I'm Sara!

…and I really want to help you break through religious confusion into a delightful relationship with Jesus.


For years, I tried to break free from the burden of hypocrisy. I grew up in a church that collected its members’ paychecks and gave each family an allowance. I thought this was the way God designed Christianity to operate. Once I finally got out of this crippling self-righteousness, I couldn’t believe the joy that flooded into my relationship with Jesus.

Because of that, I’ve spent the last two decades studying prayer from every angle. The PRISM Prayer Method is the process that God has used to keep me focused on what He’s doing in my life. I still face intense spiritual warfare, but now God actually makes it enjoyable for me! I’d love to share this process with you, too. Click HERE for your invitation to our online prayer-coaching community.

Free Resources:

Learn how to be an overcomer each time temptation shows up.

Find out how simple it is to have a two-way relationship with God.

Connect with God in that moment when things feel overwhelming.

Discover your season of spiritual growth and what’s motivating you.

Get started mentoring your loved ones with this free resource.

Help someone plan their spiritual warfare so they can take action.


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